Terry Buffington Speaks At The 2023 WSU Women’s Student Retreat

A formal presentation of the Terry Buffington Papers https://finding-aids.lib.unc.edu/70107/#d1e49 at Elson S. Floyd Cultural Center. October 24, 2023.
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This powerful and moving event was organized by our community partners, WSU Women’s Center. Amy Sharp – Director, Women’s Center, Lorena Cruz – Student Services Advisor and Ariana Williamson – Digital Media Coordinator. Thank you all for hosting the 2023 Women’s Student Retreat and for having the Terry Buffington Foundation as a guest. Let’s do it again in 2024! More information about Director Amy Sharp can be found here https://www.women.wsu.edu/communities/resources-for-all/meet-our-teams/amy-sharp/

Kwasi Buffington
Executive/Technical Director Terry Buffington Foundation

KODAK Digital Still Camera

2 thoughts on “Terry Buffington Speaks At The 2023 WSU Women’s Student Retreat”

  1. Such an incredible event! So grateful to Mrs. Buffington for her wisdom and advice to our students who make up the Coalition of Women Students at WSU.

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